Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TUESDAY 17th September - Ruhi

The day started at 9 o 'clock in the school. In spite of the exciting evening last night, the students were very active during their lessons.

In the morning Mark showed us the different ways to use the phrasal verb 'come', how to build and use the passive and the most important thing we learnt tday was the correct pronunciation of the English language.

In the afternoon we practised the sepaking part of the FCE exam with Mitch.

In the evening there were two possibilities for what we could do. One of them was to play bowling, the other one was to play laser quest. Anyway, we all went together by train to the Lloyds Lanes in Hampdon Park. We were free to do whatever we wanted and enjoyed the evening. We had a lot of fun.



  1. It seems that your had a great evening - keep going.

  2. Thanks :-) Nice to see that someone is reading our blog 😃👍